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Our eyes do not see the world.

The world we see around us is not really around us, but inside our minds. Our eyes do not see the world. It is our mind that sees him. We say that something "I saw with my eyes", whereas we should say that "my eyes saw it" and then "I realized it (poet plus news), because I am my mind, and my eyes send the signal in my mind, my mind processes the image and eventually I "see" it (ie look inside my mind's cinema). I see the world with my mind's eyes and not with my external eyes, the eye is just a medium that participates in the whole process. The same goes for my other senses.

Everything I see and feel is inside my head.


Let me explain the process a little better:

Apparently, there is an "object" (something that "objects") in front of me, or, to be more precise, a spatiotemporal event. Rays of light reflecting off this beam of being or energy cluster travel to the lens of my eye, which, like all lenses, reverses them, and my retina records the reversed 'image' . I don't see things upside down because the retina is part of the cooperative eye-brain system, and before I have a conscious awareness of the energy complex I see, my brain has already processed and interpreted the visual signal, with its classification system : which includes a whole traffic of connecting to the general geometric coordinate system that the brain uses to register the data – in parallel with the process of researching and referentially connecting with data judged to be related, for various complex reasons.

When this lightning process is complete, then I "see" the object. I can see it in my head! In an indoor cinema…

So, let's put it this way: my brain is playing it on video!

Furthermore, this means that I see the events and perceive them, with some time delay. I don't see the event in real time...


When I want to see infinitely more complex things than this simple spatio-temporal event or energy complex that is a simple object, such as when I want to see a huge composition of such that I call "environment" or "world", the above process is infinite more complex, and involves an infinitely more complex processing operation.

Also, depending on the situation, the brain judges what will be the final interpretation of the spatiotemporal event or the complex synthesis of spatiotemporal events... Put simply, this is the process.

There are many who think they immediately understood the above explanation. Others think that they have finally understood the truth the hundredth time it is explained to them. In my opinion and from my experience, no one really understands it until they do some experiments, which turn it into a vivid experience. There is no particular point in recommending all these experiments, but I can here suggest one and encourage my reader to try it himself:

Enlist the cooperation of a friend in the experiment, and tell him to buy a newspaper that you have not even glanced at.

Go to a large hall (if that's not easy, go to a park). Sit in a chair and have your friend stand in front of you with the newspaper, but not show you the front page. Stand in front of you holding the newspaper open towards you, showing you a random spread so you can see the big headlines and read them. And then he asked him to back away slowly, continuing to hold the paper, until he receded in this way into the back of the drawing-room or the hall or the park, far enough away that you could no longer make out the headlines or they had completely blurred. You can't read newspaper headlines from this distance. Ask your friend to turn the first page to you for the first time: the front page with its headlines.

You will find that you cannot read what they write, because of the distance, the titles will not be clear. Then your friend, still holding the newspaper in the same position, must read aloud one of the front page headlines he shows you.

Then, suddenly, you will "see" the title perfectly clearly!

The title will magically appear clearly for you.

You will read the headlines not because you can see them clearly, but because your brain has been updated which now projects them for you.

Caution: reading the above about this experiment, the issue does not become as clear and well understood as if the experiment were actually performed…..


(Excerpt from the book "Escape Manual from Everyday Reality" - Pantelis V. Giannoulakis - published by Invisible College. From the chapter: "One Step Out of the Matrix")