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Things essential for the child's happiness and development

Mr. Giorgos Christinidis is a Physical Education teacher in Primary Schools of Thessaloniki. In a recent post on his personal Facebook account, he refers to the complete indifference of parents to PE class in Primary School and how much of a mistake this is, judging by the image of today's adults.
It's worth reading for all of us:


Another school year is over, we handed out the diplomas and said goodbye to the students for the summer. 21 years in the service in Primary Schools and the parents who came to ask me about their child's attendance in the Physical Education class all these years are counted on the fingers of the hands. 7 to 8 parents in 21 years.

The Physical Education Educator is invisible on the days we give tests or degrees... and yet, could someone ask me some questions like:

– Is my child participating in the lesson?
– Does he cooperate with the other children? Can he cooperate?
– Does he always want to be the leader?
– Does he not want to be the leader?
– How does he handle victory?
– How does he handle defeat?
– When did you find that it is happier?
– How is he doing with the pace?
– Is he sociable or isolated?
– Found a problem with the traffic?
– Does it have balance?
– Does he set goals? Does he seek to achieve them?
– Does it help others?
– Does he accept help from others?
– What do you suggest to improve his diet?
– How do I get it to eat fruit?
– How can I get him to sleep more?

Dear parents, this is it things essential to his happiness and development. It doesn't matter what he chooses to do with his life, it does matter, though he is healthy, balanced and happy in whatever he chooses to do.

In recent years, I see adults who are stiff, clumsy, obese, adults who are embarrassed – for some reason – to get up to dance, complex adults…

Also, some multinational or large companies have realized something that most people fail to realize, and in the CVs of the candidates submitted to them, they look at whether the person asking for work has been involved in a sport, whether it was a team or individual sport, whether he participated in joint sports activities , to see if he has leadership qualities, if he can cooperate with others, how he reacts under pressure and how he manages anger, rage, defeat, victory. No one cares if it got a 10 or a 9 on the check, if it was a split in the parade, or if it was on the outside to get a good photo of it.

Dear parents... you have black midnight !!!