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Most people just get more tired and pile up debt

"What you need to change is not what you do. First you have to change your way of thinking. It matters what kind of person you "be" to do what you have to do and have what you want to have."

There is a reason why Napoleon Hill's classic book Think and Grow Rich has this title and not Work Hard and Grow Rich or Get a Job and Grow Rich. The truth is that the people who work the hardest don't usually end up rich.

If I want to get rich, I have to think first. To think independently and not imitate the crowd. Because if I do what most people do, I will get what most people have: years of hard work, unfair taxes and lifelong debt.

Most people's goals revolve around what they want to have in life. Goals like getting a nice body, getting a nice house, driving a sports car, having a good partner. Once most people figure out what they want out of life, what their goal is, they usually write down what they need to do. And they write lists of what they have to do. They set their goal and put it into action. And there they step on her...

I want a nice body, I start a diet and join the gym. For a few weeks (or days) I discipline the diet and go to the gym. And then I go back to my old habits of eating pizzas and pitogira and watching football on TV instead of going to the gym.

Because what counts is not the diet or the gym, but what kind of person I have to be to implement them and get the results. No diet will ever work unless you change your mindset. Most people focus on what they have to do, and not on the person they are called to become.

The same is of course true in finance. Many people think that buying stocks or cryptocurrencies will make them rich. Doing what (they think) professional investors do does not guarantee them any financial success. The man who has the mentality of a loser, whatever stock, whatever cryptocurrency, whatever he buys, he will always come out a loser.


The right money game is being played changing my mindset and the limiting beliefs I have around money. Because most people try to "do" what the rich do and strive to have what the rich have. This often happened in Greece in the past decades. People bought a house that looks opulent, an expensive car, sent their children to expensive private schools. As a result, these people are forced to work harder and acquire more and more debt. Fact that them makes them work even harder for the money, that is, the exact opposite of what the rich do. Who have chosen make money work for them.

People think that by working hard and then buying things that make them look rich, they will become rich. Most of the time, they never happen they just get more tired and rack up debt.

In the right money game, instead of working hard trading my time for money to pay bills and loans, I work hard for a sufficient amount of time to build assets (we'll talk about those in another article).

The right money game has as its main goal to help us to strengthen our way of thinking, so that let's go into action which will allow us to free ourselves financially.



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