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What do you answer when they ask you "what do you do?"

Most people nowadays if you ask them the simplest question when you meet them:
"What are you doing;»

they give you answers of the type:
"I run"
"I can't make it"
"Working on it"
and other similar ones, which create at least a psychoplaque, both in the one who expresses it and in the one who hears it.

My motto for a long time was "perfect!" accompanied by a big bright smile! I stopped using it of course when my teachers at Make up my mind they taught me that there is no such thing as "perfect" because the word means the end, that is, something that is completed and has come to an end. Of course I replaced it with other positive words that express me perfectly such as:
or my favorite "the world's most beautiful!"

What was the essence of what I was saying and which remains even now? That I was sincerely expressing one emotional state in which I had chosen to be everyday! This made an impression on most people, probably because they didn't hear it regularly and very often turned their heads back to me to make sure they heard correctly. But when they saw my happy smile again they just asked how I do it...

"How do you do it when everything around you sucks, when life is so insecure, when that bad thing happens, when the government does the other thing?"

What I want to answer is that all of these may be important, but there is something even more important: The knowledge that events are neutral and that our reaction to them is what determines the quality of our lives. And also that you probably missed something...
Contact with yourself. Attention to yourself. Your self is asking you to take care of it. And you, instead of doing the right thing, blame the government, the system, the memos, others in general. You hunt the forest, that is, and you miss the tree. And the tree is you.

When you operate in this way you will immediately see how you will feel better. And - miraculously - when you feel better, everything is better for you! Inner peace, personal happiness, well-being, this is the key to feeling good. The well-known motto of a large soft drink company says it clearly: "Choose Happiness".

Learn the power of joy in your life and enjoy it!

Alexios Vandoros


The article was published on the blog of AfafsiZO > https://goo.gl/QApRmr