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❌ We have exhausted the earth – We live on loans from the planet…

Earlier than ever, humanity has already exhausted the planet's resources for this year ????

As of today, July 29, humanity is living on credit from the planet as it has already consumed all the natural resources the earth can renew this year. The most disturbing thing is that this day arrived two full months earlier than twenty years ago and generally earlier than ever.

The above was announced by the non-governmental organization Global Footprint Network. "Humanity is currently consuming the planet's resources 1.75 times faster" than the ecosystems' ability to renew them, the NGO underlined in a statement.

"We are depleting our planet's natural capital, jeopardizing its future ability to regenerate" resources, warns the Global Footprint Network.

Consumption habits by country vary greatly: thus, "Qatar has reached the day of exceeding" its allocated resources for this year "after only 42 days" in the year, but "Indonesia will have consumed all the resources [its account for] for the year after 342 days," notes the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), an organization affiliated with the Global Footprint Network.

Furthermore, "if the whole world lived like the French, we would need 2.7 planets" and 5 planets if all the world's inhabitants adopted the way Americans consume. To move the so-called transition day back to December 31, the main thing that needs to be done is to "reduce greenhouse gas emissions", which are themselves "the 60% of our ecological footprint", estimates WWF. "By reducing CO2 emissions by 50%, we could gain 93 days a year, that is to reach the day of excess in October," according to the same NGO.

"By cutting animal protein consumption by one second, we could postpone tip-over day by 15 days a year" and, by cutting food waste by one second by another ten days, still according to WWF's calculations.

But this small planet is the vessel on which the human species exists and with which it travels through the dark immensity. It is our home, in which we are confined to live until science can, if ever, reach and surpass our imagination.

This reality makes even more imperative the need to realize the mandated care for this Earth and its environment based on a planetary, holistic view.

Now is the time for a contract of respect and protection between all who share this planet.

It is no longer a question of simply respecting the environment, but of saving the common home, which we are not the only ones who share, but we are certainly the only ones who have the ability and perhaps the frivolity and irresponsibility to destroy…


With information from APE-MBE/ Global Footprint Network Source: www.lifo.gr

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