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Does wealth increase human happiness?

Various studies conducted by economists and psychologists have proven the following interesting fact: Wealth increases human happiness only in the case of people who escape poverty and manage to rise to a middle level. From this level onwards, wealth contributes little to increasing human happiness.

Research has shown that people who earn €100,000 a year are happier than those who earn €10,000 a year. But those who earn millions are not happier than those who earn €100,000...

This phenomenon is called "divergent marginal utility." And he says that if someone is homeless, hungry, poor, unemployed and escapes from this miserable situation, no matter how much money he acquires, it will not make a significant difference to him.

It is said that there is nothing wrong with money but the love of it or the lack of it. In all cases of excessive love or excessive waste, money ceases to be a blessing and becomes a curse. The key to making money a blessing and not a curse in your life lies in the ability to make well-being decisions.

Prosperity begins with the decision to change the way we manage our lives and resources. A brave first step is the final decision don't let today's entertainment prove to be the thief of joy from your life tomorrow...

The destination can be a life of joy and prosperity. The problem is that most people have been seduced by a way of life that has more to do with limitations than joy and freedom.

Money is like quicksand to many people. It's great fun spending it, but then they sink into stress, despair, and destitution because of their wasteful habits. Handling money has the power to bring you back to freedom or send you to the poor house…

To be led to freedom is necessary to learn how to play the right money game! This wonderful road it can start now for you too and it's full of surprises! It's your time. Dare it!




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