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Money is like manure: when you pile it up, it smells

"Money is like manure: when you pile it up, it smells."

Oscar Wilde had said. The protracted crisis is a product, among many other factors, of the fact that we have cut off the flow of the one thing that loses value when it stops moving: money.

Money when misused channels powerful forces such as fear, envy or anxiety for power. When one makes money the right way, then the process of acquiring them makes the world a better place.


It's kind of like the bee. The bee's primary purpose is to secure nectar to make honey. While he is in this process, he is actually performing a much greater work. During its journey, pollen is scattered on its wings. As it goes on its search for more nectar, the bee deposits pollen on various flowers. This pollination is much more important than the production of honey because it results in a beautiful nature, full of abundance.

The man who plays the right money game is like a bee looking for honey. Focusing his attention on to add as much value as possible in the pursuit of wealth, in fact it raises the standard of living around it. This man knows that he must create wealth in a win-win way.

Conversely, the man who focuses his attention on the pursuit of money, without seeking to add value, will never have a continuous flow of wealth in the long run. At some point, the failure to add value stops the money flowing.

Playing it right money game you avoid any enrichment activity that harms or impoverishes other people. You need to create wealth in a way that is ethical, honest and creates a win/win situation.

So you can enjoy wealth creation that improves the lives of many people. The goal is to become rich by making others rich. While enjoying the perks of his financial success he needs to create a continuing endowment to bless others.

The goal is not to accumulate personal wealth for wealth's sake, but the creation of ongoing funding to support noble causes.

In this context, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates started the Giving Pledge initiative in 2010. It now numbers hundreds of members and all of them have agreed and promised to give at least half, or even all, of their wealth to charity either during their lifetime or through their will.

This pledge is not legally binding on any of them, it is more of a moral commitment and is intended – apart from, of course, to fund charitable initiatives – to provoke a debate about the need for charity and to what specific purposes it should be directed.

In other words, your riches are not just for you (selfishness) but to bless the lives of many people (selflessness).

If you want to start getting the right mindset in the money game, the first proof of your commitment that you will make money to bless other people's lives is to give away at least 10% of your earnings from now on, that is, to apply the famous principle of "tithing"...

In the coming year, the right money game it can start for you too and it's full of surprises! 2020 is your year. Dare it!



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