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Money and how we move it reveals who we are

Oscar Wilde used to say:

"money doesn't buy happiness, but it offers a feeling so similar that only a top expert can tell the difference."

I agree with the view that money does not corrupt people, it just magnifies their virtues and faults. A man of noble background will use wealth to benefit his family and those around him, while someone without inhibitions will channel the money into purely speculative, or even destructive, activities.

Money is neutral. This in itself is neither good nor bad. It's just a vehicle that we can use for good or bad.

Any amount of money has the ability to make us see what are our priorities. When someone unexpectedly acquires a significant amount of money, they can put the extra money into a savings account if their priority is safety. Or use them for a trip with his partner or friends, if he prioritizes fun. Or even for a cosmetic surgery operation, if he puts his personal image in the foreground. An entrepreneur will invest the money with the aim of multiplying it. A philanthropist can channel them to a foundation for the less privileged.

And a philanthropic businessman will invest the money with the aim of multiplying it and a significant part of it will then channel it to give to his fellow man.

Money and how we move it reveals who we are

To acquire one the right mindset in finance, hers businessman it is the most important step he can achieve in his life.

In the pre-industrial era, most people were entrepreneurs. They were farmers or herders who worked on the king's land, but were not his servants. They did not receive a salary from the king. Quite the opposite: the farmer paid a tax for the right to use the land. These people were essentially small businessmen. They were butchers, bakers, blacksmiths, etc. who passed on their servitudes to their descendants.

Only when the Industrial Revolution began did a new need for employees arise. I'm not saying that white-collar employment is a bad thing. It just is only one way of generating income and an extremely limited one at that.

"All people are entrepreneurs, but many do not have the opportunity to realize it," says Mohammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and known as "banker of the poor». He is the founder of Grameen Bank, the first bank in the world to apply micro-lending to people without any guarantee of solvency.

Can you become an "entrepreneur" too?

YES. First you have to learn how the right money game is being played! To gradually acquire knowledge and experience about money and above all to immediately take action to gain the experiences. The right money game can start now for you too and it is full of surprises! It's your time. Dare it!



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