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Last week we traveled for the first time with my first daughter Nefeli to Thessaloniki. Her first time on a plane and her first time away from mom on a trip.

In many ways it was an unprecedented experience.
Of those that mature you as a father and as a person.
The ones where you overcome various personal fears and enjoy situations for the first time.

Among all the wonderful things we experienced came a strong challenge.
A sudden malaise with vomiting and almost dehydration.
The management of Nefeli is unique and I can write so much about this child and his courage.

We had to go to the hospital in the afternoon to be seen by the ER doctor to make sure she wouldn't get dehydrated and that it wasn't anything serious.
We played, we laughed, we made our agreement that the doctor would not put the stick in the mouth and in the end we found that there was nothing serious and we got our instructions on what to do at home.

As I was leaving, out of the corner of my eye I saw this unique sight.
A wonderful sky like a painting and this architectural ledge to "tear" the sky with such a huge dynamic.

Because the future will always be there waiting for us to cross our own path.
To love and be loved.
To offer as much as we can to our loved ones.
And not only.
To as many people as we can.
Because we are all ONE.

I close with a text I found once and I don't have the source to quote it:
- Take my hand and let's go, he said to her, holding out her hand.

- Where are we going;

- To the light!

– I'm afraid, he told her hesitantly.

- What are you afraid of;

– If I don't make it? The past haunts me. I have made mistakes. I don't know if I deserve the Light.

- I am here. You have nothing to fear anymore. No past has influence and power over you anymore. And as for the mistakes... What mistakes are you talking about? Still learning them? There are no mistakes. Everything is done right. Listen to me. We will walk side by side. I will hold your hand for as long as you need it, and along the way you will see that your fears were ultimately non-existent, small, insignificant, in front of all that you are and that you can achieve.

She stopped short and asked her…
– Why are you helping me?

– Because you and I are one! Everything I do for you, I do for me too! It may seem like I'm giving, but I'm actually taking.

– How is this possible?

- We are one! When I give Love to you, it's like giving it back to myself. I give you all that I desire for myself. I wish to be Love! So you and I will create Love in our Life, through our choices, our actions, our very selves!

Because I believe that together we can reach the Light. Like fellow travelers. Like fellow travelers. Side by side. Through Love! Shall we go? What do you think;

– Yes! I am ready. The drama is over. The pain is over. End the darkness and fears. I say yes to the new. I say yes to Light and Love! We left…

And there... hand in hand, they began their wonderful journey towards the Light!

– Alexios
photo ©️ Alex Vandoros