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The other reading from Tsitsipas' win over Federer

When YOU are top notch and exceptional in what you do then it is a given that you have all the characteristics of a top...

According to many, the great tennis player Roger Federer is the greatest of all time. At the press conference* yesterday he said the best about Stefanos Tsitsipas and it is a great lesson to see the humility in his words. When you don't need to prove who you are and just admit your defeat and not only that but also that your opponent is better than you. He is also the path of excellence.

A lot is already being said about Tsitsipas - who already won the next match and is in the semi-final!!- for now he seems to have all the characteristics and education to become one of the leaders of the sport in the future. He is totally focused, hard working, humble, down to earth, shows respect to the top and has the whole future ahead of him!

* At the press conference, Federer was disappointed about his defeat, but when asked about the Greek tennis player, he admitted that he lost to a better player and stated that Tsitsipas will star for years.

"I lost to a better player, who was playing better today. He stayed there, gave himself the opportunities at times, stayed calm. This is not always easy, especially for younger tennis players. Well done to him for making it," he said initially and continued: "He has done a good job for 1.5 years. And before that, sure. But beating Djokovic in Toronto, but also Zverev, Anderson, me here, that's what you need to go to the next level. It's very nice of him. I definitely see him being high for a long time. It was a great night for him."

Regarding the similarities in his game with Tsitsipas, he said: "He has a one-handed backhand, while I used to have long hair. He has more continental grip than the players of the current era. And that goes more to me than to Rafa, let's say."

And an impressive video where the Australian Open remembers what happened in the match: