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To find your limits, you need to overcome them...

The limits of each of us are in the mind and are defined by the beliefs that I carry consciously and subconsciously.
I tend to operate in business and in my personal development in periods of 30 – 60 or 90 days where I give it my all and in between periods of a few days or weeks where I keep a steady pace. And I'm building on all the momentum that's already been built up.
Just like an airplane that in order to take off needs for a certain period of time to give 100% of energy and focus. To overcome the force of gravity and air resistance. During the take-off the whole system receives huge pressures and the body is in the process of adapting to this intense change.
Then during the flight, when the plane reaches the desired altitude, it can be going hundreds of miles an hour and I can be carelessly sipping coffee inside and feel like it's stopped.
This is how these intense intervals work, with the most challenging of all being the 90 days where the endurance of the entire system is really tested. Until now I did 2 to 3 maximum such a year.
This summer I organized my next 90 days (you need proper organization and a plan to do it right without leading to possible overwork) which would start on August 21st with the 5-day seminar of "Jump" and would be completed at the end of November with the seminar of " Good Child" as milestones.
With 2 big challenges that I had never faced before.
That we would do his two 5-day, and extremely demanding, seminars for the first time Make up my mind in one summer and even consecutively with one day off
That now we had 3 children in the family, on a new track that we had no idea how it was played and what it contained...
The truth is that I wouldn't even be writing this text if it weren't for Leoni who is the rock of the family, the beginning and the end of raising our 3 wonderful girls. And of course every such plan of those days is planned jointly and in absolute agreement and alignment.
For many - absolutely positive - reasons this time it was necessary to extend this period until December 23rd. Completed after 123 days.
Had to pay what is called the "price of success". Because by taking action, creating and having evolution and contribution as your main values and intention, you are very likely to achieve what your soul desires.
And you need or be ready to manage it all.
Or find the strength within yourself to push your comfort zone to new limits, boundaries you may not have even known existed.
And how can this be done?” is the classic question.
But with small daily steps. Rome, they say, wasn't built in a day! With small steps every day, often on challenging paths, on bumpy roads and steep uphills, little by little, little by little.
And it is this whole journey that is ultimately worth it. You just have to enjoy it, be passionate about it and love it.
Perhaps abusing the precious time one can allocate for a social media text, I quote a classic quote from Nikos Kazantzakis' famous saying from "Reference to Greco" which reminds us that human boundaries are made to be broken. A sentence that gives me chills every time I read it:
I stretch out my hand, heat the latch of the earth, to open the door to leave, but I stand at the bright threshold a little longer, difficult, very difficult, to detach the eyes, the ears, the entrails from the stones and the grasses of the world you say: I'm full, I'm at peace, I don't want anything anymore, I paid the debt and I'm leaving, but the heart is caught by the stones and the grass, it resists, it begs:
"Stand still!"
I fight to comfort my heart, to make it say yes more freely. Let us not leave the earth like slaves, beaten, crying, but like kings who have eaten, drunk, had their fill, want no more, and get up from the table. But the heart still beats inside the chest, resists, shouts:
"Stand still!"
I stand, I look narrowly at the light, which also resists, like the heart of man, and struggles. Clouds covered the sky, a warm crumb fell on my lips, the earth smelled, a sweet voice, sweet, rises from the earth:
"Come... come... come..."
You looked at me, and when you looked at me I felt that this world is a cloud loaded with stars and wind, a cloud and the soul of man is loaded with stars and wind, and God blows from above and there is no salvation.
I looked up, I looked at you. I came to tell you:
"Grandpa, is there really no salvation?" but my tongue was stuck in my throat, I tried to yoke you, but my knees buckled.
Then you reached out your hand, as if they were drowning and you wanted to save me.
I grabbed your hand with longing, it was smeared with colorful paints, as if it was still painting, it was burning. I touched your hand, I got strength and strength, I was able to speak:
-Dear grandfather, I said, give me an order.
He smiled, placed his hand on my head, it wasn't a hand, it was colorful fire, the flame poured down to the roots of my mind.
-Go where you can, my child...
His voice was deep, dark, as if coming from the deep throat of the earth.
His voice reached the roots of my mind, but my heart did not stir.
- Grandpa, I shouted louder now, give me a more difficult, more Cretan order.
And all of a sudden, as if to say, a flame hissed tearing the air, the indomitable ancestor with the tangled thyme in his hair disappeared from my eyes and there remained on the summit of Sinai a voice standing, full of command, and the air trembled:
I was startled from sleep, it was already dawn. I got up, leaned on the window, went out on the balcony with the harvested vine. The rain had now stopped, the stones were shining, they were laughing, the leaves of the trees were laden with tears.