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Books have always had a way of sparking my imagination.
From the comics and collections my brother and I made when we were young (and still continue...)
the literature
science fiction (I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy from an old edition I found in my grandfather's library 25 years ago)
the period I spent with historical novels when I met Mika Valtari's books
And later as an Architecture student I fell in love with them architectural journeys and architectural books.
We traveled a lot until we created the innovative and world-leading ArchiTravel (www.architravel.com)
Architectural books I started from the first year to buy, spending hours in the then largest bookstore of its kind, Papasotiriou (before it collapsed in the last crisis).
Architectural books are fascinating because they have impressive pictures inside, most of them in odd sizes and shapes with very good prints and special covers.
Gradually I began to build my architectural library.
On every trip I went I found the best architectural bookstore and dug out local publications that weren't available elsewhere.
I collected special maps of modern architecture from each city (the collection is huge).
And from each exhibition or expo the special catalogs and rare editions.
I remember carrying bags of books from every city in the world through the streets, hands almost bleeding, and the epic conversations at every airport to avoid overpaying…
Unique memories that will last forever.
However, architectural books are also expensive, much more expensive than literary books.
The picture you see is of my architectural library, and when a friend once asked me how much money I spent on all of this, I replied that I didn't spend anything.
I invested in knowledge, images and emotions a large five-figure figure.
And I would do it all over again.
In the last few years that I have been deeply involved in personal development, I have created a corresponding library of books in this field. Which of course are not for the beauty there or to group them by height and color as decorations.
They are there to be read or having already been read and having provided a small or large piece of information and potential knowledge.
Reading is a way of life.
It has dozens of positives to give to anyone who chooses it and builds it as a habit.
And as a way of enjoyment, relaxation, personal development, cultivation of imagination and spiritual journey.
Can it change your life?
YES is the answer.
But to find it you may have to read hundreds.
And reading them you will realize that there is not only one. But each one helps you to create a new, more sophisticated and better "I AM".
Happy reading to all of us!