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Why did Cristiano Ronaldo cry?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of those personalities who have very strong supporters and very fanatical "enemies". I personally belong to the category that has negative neurocorrelations with his style and it doesn't suit me very well. Still, I recognize his immense talent, respect his hard work and self-discipline, and see his positives. In simple football terms, I would like him in my team…

Why are we dealing with him now?
A differencecristiano ronaldo face was seen by those who watched a certain clip from his interview with piers morgan.

The video-snapshot >>


On the show, he played a video starring CR7's father, causing the Portuguese superstar to bend over and apologize for not being able to contain himself. "I see this video for the first time. Unbelievable. It makes me sad that he doesn't see that I'm first. I win trophies and they are not there. My family sees me, my mother, my brothers, my eldest son. But my father didn't catch anything", he said.

"I never knew my father, he was always drunk", he confessed among other things. Cristiano Ronaldo's father died at the age of 52, as the problem of alcoholism shook his health.

Every man carries his own personal matter and we have no idea about it. It is easy to judge without having sufficient information and draw conclusions based purely on our personal beliefs.

Someone can be the best in the world at what they do, be adored by millions of people, receiving huge amounts of admiration, even love and feeling unworthy because he hasn't gotten it from the one person who wants and needed it.

It is amazing how this whole game is played out within each of us and even more amazing how simply we can to change it by starting to offer ourselves all that it needs. How this can be done and what it requires is a whole seminar and not only…