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Can you become successful by making money?

Most people, both in business and in their finances, operate with a mindset that says, "Honey, give me some heat first and then I'll put some wood on you." Or, at the bank: "give me the interest first and then I'll make a deposit." Obviously, that's not how the system works.

Trying to become successful by making money it's like trying to drive down the highway at 80 miles per hour while looking in the rearview mirror.

According to studies, the 96%* of businesses are closing around the world. And this is not something that only happens nowadays. It was happening and will happen forever.

Most people may know what they are selling (their products, services, costs and time); but they don't know what they most need to know: what the customer actually wants and buys. And that's it feelings.

When everything is the same people will prefer and recommend people they know, love and trust. To achieve this, a dominant purpose must be to offer value to the one I do business with. When I go into business with the question: "will I make money from this?", then I'm going in the wrong direction.

"Does it serve others? Does it add value to them?».

If the answer to this question is yes, then you might as well make money. You have to exceed other people's expectations and then they will pay you more. But this is not a panacea. You can't make them pay you more because you will give them more.

Giving it is not a business strategy, it's a way of life.

Unfortunately, there is huge lack of financial education in schools. People go to school for a better life, but few learn anything about money. And this leads us to have huge rates of financial (and business) illiteracy worldwide.

All the great fortunes in the world were created by men with more passion for what they gave than what they received. And this is how we begin to take the first steps to learn how to play the right money game!

*Source: Inc. com


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