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Hakuna – Matata: Wealth and human happiness

"Hakuna - Matata... I needed to live my life..."​.

This phrase means: Out heart, forget the action, let it go where it wants, no worries or responsibilities. It is the well-known micro-urbanism, wanting to be comfortable locked inside one's home, without looking for anything else, except to meet one's material and psychological needs.

Don't we too often fall into ignorance and carelessness, trying to avoid the truth, even though something inside us tells us that we are not who we think we are and that life has much more to offer us than "Hakuna - Matata" »?

“Simba, you forgot me. You forgot who you are. So you forgot about me too. Remember who you are. Look at yourself... Take your own place in the circle of life. Remember who you are, be the king. You deserve it."

"Change… good but hard... i know what i have to do but i have to face the past». Indeed, it is not easy to overcome a traumatic experience or a situation that has been suffocating you for years. But you can't move forward if you stay in it. You can lie that you're fine and hide your inner pressure, but it won't do you any good.

Many people spend their whole lives running away from their problems, when if you sit down and face them, you will see that they are not as scary as you think.. If you let them go and don't take action on what's burning inside you, the problems will grow and your insecurities will become unbearable. Stop making excuses and fight your fears. It doesn't happen all at once, but you will slowly see your life change for the better.

Hakuna Matata… what a great phrase! A great moment in the movie: Timon and Pumbaa find Simba at his worst, but they help him grow strong, with the saying meaning "out heart»! What's the point of complaining about what's already happened? Are you getting any better like that? The past doesn't change, so put it behind you, banish your worries and look forward with a smile!

I would like to live like a poor man with a lot of money. – Pablo Picasso

Money can bring you happiness, but only when they do not exceed 76,000 euros per year for each person. Most of them reduce the feeling of happiness because they come with a lot of problems. This is the conclusion reached by psychologists from the Universities of Virginia and Purdue, after analyzing the results of the World Gallup Poll survey of 1.7 million people from 164 countries, with different living standards and different cost of living.

Comparing people's incomes to how satisfied they are with their lives, they also found that in order to feel emotionally well a person must have an annual income of 48,000 to 60,000 euros. The concept of a good emotional state was defined by the feelings of joy, sadness, excitement or anger that dominate his daily life. From the research in question, published in the scientific journal Nature Human Behavior, the most interesting finding is, without a doubt, the finding that above a certain level of income people feel less satisfied with their lives. Andrew Jebb, a professor at Purdue University and author of the relevant study, points out that above a certain level of income "a slight decline in the feeling of satisfaction is observed."

Attempting to explain the seemingly paradoxical finding, Mr. Jebb attributes it to the fact that "higher incomes usually come at a price". As he emphasizes, the findings of the research give a more general picture of the relationship between money and happiness in various cultures and teach us a lot about the limits of money and demonstrate that "money is only a part of what can make us happy".

I personally believe that from these studies and the general discussion about money and happiness some important quality features are missing. A basic one is the way by which one earns money. It is completely different to work 50-60-70 hours a week trading his time for money (and let it be over 76,000) from having created streams of income that provide him with the same or even more money. And because all of these studies are done by people who live with basic societal beliefs about money, and they're done to people who have been trained to play the wrong money game...that's why the results are relevant.

Because there is massive financial illiteracy and this issue really affects the lives of almost everyone on the planet, our business team has created the first podcast (in Greek) about the money game which you can find in all apps (apple, anchor, spotify etc.) as gameofmoney from L-Team

To be led to freedom is necessary to learn how to play the right money game! So Hakuna Matata, because the past doesn't change, so put it behind you, banish worries and look forward with a smile!

This wonderful road it can start now for you too and it's full of surprises!

It's your time. Dare it!


The text was published on epixeiro.gr: www.epixeiro.gr/article/184892

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