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Why are you a 2-time winner...

You came into our lives exactly one year ago.
At the time we agreed upon for everyone's convenience ?
In the 2nd generation things are always simpler.
You see you've done them once again and experience is a big thing. It gives you an insurance so to speak.
And everything went great.
10 days later, so early for you the first big challenge of your life.
You spent 14 days alone in an unknown place, with some amazing nurses at Children's taking care of you, and you only saw your mom for 2 half hours a day.
And you did it alone, you beast.
And then you came to our house again.
And a day later you had to go to that place again.
You already knew that, but what does that tell you?
You were away from your mother's arms again.
And you have almost a week left.
And you did it again.
Now all this seems to us as if it happened decades ago.
Because every day with you is a new pleasure.
Maybe that's why you're in such a hurry.
You have started walking in your own unique way and style and you are getting ready to talk to us.
Maybe because you have a lot to tell us.
Because you are a 2-time winner.
The first to be created.
And the second to win a challenge in the game of life when you weren't ready yet.
I admire you for your persistence.
I admire you for your amazing growth.
I admire you for who you are and all that you will become.
Happy birthday our Dioni!