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Joy is contagious


When I heard Antonis Kalogirou and Vena tell me (and tell me again) the first times that emotion determines everything, seemed excessive and foreign to me.

The reasons were many and are not of the present, what matters is that yes, emotion leads.
Emotion creates.
Emotion unites.


Watching this amazing teacher from start to finish…
to support the dream of a 7-year-old girl and develop it creatively together with all the other children
to have this humor on stage before the most important performance
to say with true love to the children before they begin the following wonders:
I am PROUD of you.
You guys are AMAZING.
Let's go OFFER it to the world.
Words that only joy, passion and confidence can create.


It doesn't matter that they were dissonant.
Which had no rhythm.
They ran up and down disorderly and anarchically.
in absolute chaos
they had FUN
they had PASSION
they intended to OFFER
and they ENJOYED it as if they were alone without people watching them.
And at the end they all HUG together to celebrate the performance they gave.

Obviously with all these ingredients the result will always be top notch and success is a given!