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The Spanish "La Casa de Papel" has been a huge success and is being talked about like no other lately, with the fourth season having been released a few days ago and fans have already seen it in its entirety.
Behind this huge worldwide success, which has fanatical fans everywhere, from famous football players to the most distant countries of the world there is a business lesson hidden.
When the first season of La Casa De Papel premiered it was watched by 4.5 million viewers on Spain's Antena 3, disappointing the channel. While everyone had accepted (even directors, actors) that it was a colossal failure and would have been cut, then Netflix decided to buy it. The one season was cut into two, with adaptations and additional filming and the sequel is known. The series in record time became his most popular non-English-language series and won the 2018 Emmy Award for Best Drama Series.
As the producers of the series say, from the beginning we wanted to do something that would have a global impact and we worked on it. Even when the numbers were not what we expected in Spain, we produced a top quality production based on our initial goal...
GIVE YOUR BEST and the result, sooner or later, will come.
And if it doesn't come, you can keep going until you create it!
For those who don't know what it's about, the series focuses on El Professor, an incredibly skilled and mysterious mastermind of organized crime who conceives the idea of a heist of epic proportions. So he decides to staff his team with eight people suitable for the whole operation, with his accomplices taking hostages and locking themselves with them in the Royal Mint of Spain. This is how the whole story began, the continuation on the internet so as not to make spoilers for those who have not seen it.
As far as the money game is concerned, it is more relevant than ever as it points to the fragile functioning of the financial system, government institutions and the how vulnerable is the mass of the world against this Leviathan.
SO THAT WE DON'T FORGET, of course... watching a series on your computer is of course not a bad thing. Seeing someone watch 2-3-5-10 series at the same time, getting "stuck" for hours and losing precious hours of sleep, rest, work, time with the children is when it becomes destructive.
Sometimes it is interesting to experience the intense emotions that a well-made series or movie creates artistically and scientifically.
But to live life constantly through identification with a tele-hero, instead of living the real one, is an issue.
To feel revolutionary and anti-systemic by watching Casa de Papel and at the same time using all the products of the established financial system is a fantasy.
Becoming one with the great body and confident persona of the protagonist, and the next morning continuing the unhealthy diet and role of the good kid, is a temporary drug.
The above may be harsh, but in a drugged society whether from television or cinema or the new fad of TV series are worth telling.
Because every hour that passes never comes back.
We have an amazing gift called life and the only thing that is shared fairly in this world is time.
24 hours a day for everyone.
Poor, rich, old, young, men, women.
What I do with every hour, every minute, of my day will determine where I will be 5 years from now.
If I want tops, that comes at a price.
If I want amazing relationships, that comes at a price.
If I want a happy marriage, that comes at a price.
If I want financial freedom, that comes at a price.
If I want true friendships, that comes at a price.
He's got time price and it has to do with both the quality and the quantity of time.
So the next time you go to press the button to see the next episode, or start a new series, think…
WHERE DO I WANT TO BE 5 years from now?
The answer may surprise you...