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Apologies in advance to those who are used to me posting happy things, situations and material that focuses on the positive and personal development. However, we live in an era where simply focusing on the positive and how I will have a good time in quarantine, may allow dangerous situations to grow until one morning we will see Leviathan in front of us and we will not know where it came from.

I decided to share a video different, many will call it conspiratorial, for one basic reason.

That youtube "downloaded" it arbitrarily shortly after it was posted.

Having the same experience a few years ago, where I woke up one morning and a YouTube channel I had set up was suddenly "downloaded" in its entirety and I was forbidden to login to the account. Anyone who has tried to contact any social media to find out about anything knows that it is worse than the public. After weeks I managed to get answers, which were that they are not obliged to answer me and for some reason that they will not explain to me this channel will never be opened again.

This is the "freedom" of social media. They are super-useful for business development, maybe even for personal communication, as long as I have the knowledge that I don't own anything and can be closed or kicked out at any moment. Without reasoning. One sided. And without having any legal rights. I'm just posting it for others to know.

To top it off, the only business asset you really own is your email list. It is enough that you have built it legally and based on GDPR.


This video is an interview given a few days ago by David Icke, a known "conspiracy theorist". He describes himself as "a full-time researcher into who and what really rules the world." I personally came into contact with his book "THE SECRET OF ALL TIMES" 15+ years ago as a student, initially because I liked the title and the cover... I have watched him from time to time, he is eccentric and often takes his theories to extremes. Maybe he is doing it for commercial purposes, maybe he is telling truths well hidden from us.


I don't agree with everything said in the video. I haven't researched them in depth to have an opinion. But what I deeply believe is the freedom of speech and I'll do whatever it takes to have it whoever has something to say. Always in a peaceful mood.

And when the pre-eminent, as the majority of the world declares and believes, means of free circulation of ideas and opinions through videos, YouTube, arbitrarily decides to disappear a video then I consider it my duty to help in to remain alive and available for viewing and of course judgment.

I also believe that it is useful to listen to different opinions and points of view, as long as they are said in a peaceful, non-belligerent manner, and especially when they are based on the power of the energy of love. Because what we live in (also) in this strange period is the kingdom of fear that oppresses humanity.

And nothing productive, creative and beautiful can be produced from a position of fear.

THE energy of love but it can create amazing beauties and lead everyone from deep darkness to light!


A long excerpt of the video with Greek subtitles:



You can see the video here >> londonreal.tv/icke