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What would you do if you had 86,400 euros?

Let's talk about it time and money you. Two concepts that are on people's minds all the time. Most people pay more attention to money than they do to time. As we will discuss today, from this perspective, these people are wrong. They are really conscientious about how they spend their money, but they are quite careless about how they spend their time.

If you look at your last 24 hours, you can probably remember where you spent every euro. And if you can't remember it by heart, you could very easily look it up and find it. People care about their money so much that they keep track of it regularly. Most people are very concerned about what comes out of their wallet. But it is rare that a man cares correspondingly much for tracking his time.

Question: do you calculate every day and accurately how much time you spend on things that don't really matter? On Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or on TV/Netflix? People are not careful enough with their time and they waste a huge part of this precious and invaluable resource every day.

Question: If you had 86,400 euros and someone stole 60 from you, would you throw away the rest? Of course not. We have 86,400 seconds every day. So if someone or something annoys you or makes you angry for 60 seconds (1 minute), don't throw away the rest...

But once the 60 seconds of the actual event are over, the remaining minutes, hours or even days are spent by your mind for its own internal consumption in intense thoughts, internal dialogue - monologue and emotional tension.

In other words, you start and spend precious time from your day on something that no longer exists, something that has passed and belongs to the past. And that's how you lose the present. Time is a precious resource and "I dont have enough time” is the number one excuse people give when talking about why they haven't met a goal.

What is good to realize is that money is an infinite resource, even if it may not seem like it sometimes. But you can always acquire and create more and more.

Time, on the other hand, is finite. Every 24 hours has 24 hours and the day that passes never comes back. There is no way to "save time" for future use. And we all have a finite amount of time on this planet.

They once asked a man, "How did you come here today?"

And he replied: "I took a plane, why?"

They asked him again, "Well, why didn't you come by car?"

He thought this might be a trick question of some sort, but answered honestly, "Because I came much faster by plane, of course."

"Exactly. You traded your money for time. You spent your money to get a better result so you can come faster"

So many people out there say they worry about their time. But when the time comes, they are not willing to give up some of their money to get a result that will get them where they want to go, faster. They don't realize that if they just spent the money, they could start their company faster, beat the competition with ease, get rich sooner – whatever their goals are, they could get there faster.

And now think, that you could invest today; Where can you spend money so that to save time; Maybe it's for your business – you could get an automation tool that will save you hours you'd normally spend on repetitive tasks.

Maybe it's in your personal life – maybe it's time to hire a housekeeper so you can save a few hours of your life and have a clean house with clothes ironed. Many people think that if they sit down to iron they will earn the 5€ (or as much) an hour as the domestic helper would get.

What they don't consider is that this time they themselves could earn much more from their work. Of course, it is enough for them to know how much money they earn per hour. If for example I earn €25 an hour from my job, every hour I iron I don't save €5 but lose €20... Or lose an hour of rest or reading that would help me be more productive in the future.

When you first start this process of exchanging money for time, it can be difficult. There is a change in mindset associated with this process, and every time we choose to change, there can be some discomfort. But no matter how much money you choose to invest, you'll see benefits that are even greater than just money in a bank account.

Once you choose to invest in your life, you can accelerate your growth exponentially! How much is this worth? Even if it sounds strange to you, you will see that when you are willing to part with some money, you can win in time, win in growth, win in long-term results.

In the next article we will see the other angle, on how to use your time to generate money for you! To be driven to temporal freedom is necessary to learn how to play the right money game!

And remember we have: 86,400 seconds every day. About 27,500 days in our entire life. Not very big numbers when you think about it… So… this wonderful path can start NOW for you too and it's full of surprises! It's your time. Dare it!


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