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"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans"
John Lennon once said.
3rd live streaming for the Make up my mind, now experienced in this, organized by the experiences and challenges of the previous 2. And now comfortable with the cameras and the interactive experience with the unique participants.
We have even developed the setting, with a double stage, screens and new experiences for the people who trust us and dedicate 2 days of their lives for their personal development.
It's been most of day 1, everything is going great and the tutorial has taken off.
And suddenly life just happens.
The internet connection is cut and we take a forced short break.
We start again and after a while life just happens again. With next track this time.
The power goes out to the entire area for a few seconds and all the machines shut down.
Everything is up in the air.
230 people are waiting on Zoom and nothing is working.
It is these moments when you need to put into practice, in a few seconds, everything you have learned and trust your intuition.
It's those moments where there is no right or wrong. There is simply action.
And that's where the really beautiful things happen and you develop experientially, and even in a "live connection"...
No matter how much you have prepared, the moment will come when you will face something for the first time. That's where it counts flexibility, the adaptability and the self confidence.
But this presupposes something else.
Something that those watching "live" from the screens do not see.
You may be the protagonist who takes credit for his brilliant, cool and inventive improvisation.
This is much easier when you have confidence and absolute trust that this wonderful group of people you work with who are the unsung heroes behind the cameras and the computers are doing whatever it takes and giving their all to get the system back up and running. And to return the tutorial to its normal flow.
And they do it in no time. And everything goes back to normal flow.
* the photo is from the improvisation of the interruption where the seminar continued with a 4G connection from the mobile phone to the laptop in front of the fireplace for some time...
And life happens again after a while.
So to show you that life is a game And only those who don't play lose. And we decide to play again. Together with Love this time. And all these wonderful people are there doing the best they can.
And the dozens of participants instead of getting irritated by the holidays, choose to have fun with us and co-create something different and unique again.
Today we stepped out of our comfort zone.
Today we faced the wonderful contingencies of life.
Today we have evolved on so many levels that we have not yet realized.
Today we all climbed another step together.
What runs through my mind just before I fall asleep after this shocking day is the famous statement of Vena and I DECIDE.
Thank you