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"Greece is the most authoritarian country in Europe"

"Greece is the most authoritarian country in Europe"
I choose on my social media to share mostly positive news, interesting news from neuroscience, psychology and all those fields that promote man, evolution and beauty.
But sometimes it is necessary to make a stop and to see what is happening around.
Especially when the months go by and some things dangerous for some basic principles of morality and human freedoms start to become a "habit".
Because the phrase "nothing more permanent than temporary" it has its own value and importance.
The reason for this text is an article I read today that refers to some new studies by serious universities and institutions:
A landmark report on Greece was published by the V-Dem institute of the University of Gothenburg, according to which Greece's democracy during the pandemic is on par with Bangladesh and Congo, being the most authoritarian country in Europe.
Bans have been imposed on citizens "for their protection" that even theocratic dictatorships like Iran dare not impose, which according to Bloomberg is a better and freer place to live than Greece during the pandemic.
Greece is at the tail end of Europe in respect of democratic standards during the pandemic period. More specifically, the country, together with Bosnia-Herzegovina, is in the worst positions in Europe in terms of democratic violations (democratic violations) in this particular time period.
At the same time, it is ranked internationally, in the (worst) category of states where "major democratic violations" were recorded from March to December 2020 citing protection from the virus, together with countries such as Turkey, while Hungary (which is considered by many as "authoritarian"), is in a much better position.
According to the institute, Greece's position is mainly due to significant restrictions on the freedom of the press, abusive behavior of the security authorities and of course the draconian traffic bans "due to coronavirus".
Instead of a commentary or an epilogue, I think that the well-known song of Miliokas is more appropriate for the occasion in terms of audio-visual "For my good"
I saw a world crumble before me
I saw my neighborhood turn into a yap
for my good
I saw the trees I was climbing cut down
in a truck my dreams loaded
for my good
I saw the teacher beating me with zeal
I saw my hands swollen from the wood
I saw my nerves slowly breaking
with kindness and affection to beat me
For my sake for my sake
until finally my mind couldn't take it anymore
it took a turn for the better for me
and I'm in ward nine for good measure
in the stillness to find myself
I saw them cut the bite for my bite
clothes to make from my old clothes
for my good
I saw my mother crying desperately
I saw my old man leave for foreign countries
for my good
I saw my friends tear up for me
[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rd-iQlDtly4[/embedyt]